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“Many members in our community are forgotten, hidden, or pushed aside. We may not see them every day, but they are suffering and in need of a voice in Congress to focus on programs and resources to assist them. As a member of the United States House of Representatives, 1st Congressional District in Illinois I will be a strong voice to speak up for them.”

I Will Speak Up For

Homeless Youth (12-21)

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless reported in July 2013 that 40,393 children with an additional 6, 449 ages 18-21, are homeless and stay with family or adults Also, an alarming 10,719 youth ages 14-21 are living without any family or adult and some end up on the streets.

Formerly Incarcerated Mothers

82.5% of women incarcerated in Illinois are mothers. The majority of them were their children sole caretaker before arrest. Upon release they face multiple barriers to reuniting their families, reintegrating back into the community, and obtaining stable employment or decent housing. (Center for Legal Aid to Incarcerated Mothers) 

Families in Mental Health Crises

There are many with mental health issues that are going without treatment and families who struggle to find adequate care for their loved ones. Those suffering sometimes find themselves in the criminal justice system or on the streets because services are not available.  Over 700,000 of Illinois’s adult residents have a severe mental illness. An estimated 240,000 Illinois Children and Adolescents have a severe emotional disturbance. (U.S. Census 2000; U.S. Center for Mental Health Services) 

Economic Empowerment

 By adopting portions of President Richard Nixon's "Black Capitalism" plan for small businesses which includes:

  • Promoting financial support from Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist, local businessmen, and community banks

  • Examine current government programs and how they relate to small businesses and re-organize,if necessary, to better serve them.

  • Promote business partnerships between larger corporations and small businesses.

  • Promote the creation of a federal chartered credit union for the African American community.

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