Let's Send Jimmy Lee 2 D.C.


An Independent Voice of the Next Generation Committed to the Whole District

 The 1st Congressional District in Illinois is based in Cook County, the district includes much of the South Side of Chicago, and continues southwest to Joliet. From 2003 to 2013 it extended into the city's southwest suburbs until reaching the border of Will County, and covered 97.84 square miles, making it one of the 40 smallest districts in the U.S. The district also has the highest percentage of African-American residents of any congressional district in the nation and includes the home of President Barack Obama.














Tillman's platform – a mix of traditionally moderate and conservative stances appeal to a wide range of voters, from Chicago to the city’s outskirts. It includes reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act of 1965,  demilitarizing police,making it eaisier for low level drug felons to reenter society, and get Congress to call a vote on H.R. 40 – Michigan Congressman John Conyer’s Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act.



Tillman also advocates for greater state control over what schools teach and how they are funded, opposes the insurance mandate of the Affordable Care Act and wants to loosen EPA regulations on runoff for district farmers. He expressed interest in studying if right to work zones can increase jobs and lower corporate taxes and the effects of making union membership voluntary in some municipalities .


Tillman understands that keeping public office as a public trust, protecting working families from tax increases, fighting to improve education,and supporting freedom and opportunity for all will make the 1st Congressional  district strong.

Locally, Tillman will advocate for Chicago to have a two party municipal election to end the one party rule that has caused disenfranchisement, disengagement, and distrust of the election process. Also, Tillman will be a voice for those overlooked members in our community like our homeless youth, formerly incarcerated mothers, and families in mental health crisis. 


 Jimmy Lee Tillman, II is a Black Conservative committed to making a difference in the 1st Congressional District in Illinois. An urban political strategist and hip hop political talk show host, he founded the New Martin Luther King Republicans. He has been Fellow in the Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) since 2016 and a Heritage Action Sentinel. Tillman is the son of Dr. Jimmy Lee Tillman, I and civil rights icon Dorothy Wright Tillman. He is an alumnus of Central State University and the father of three.

 "As YOUR congressman, the 1st Congressional District will be represented from the urban and middle-class communities in Cook County to the rural and bedroom communities in Will County." Jimmy Lee Tillman, II