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  • Jimmy Lee Tillman II

Tillman II answers critics on WHY the original Iran nuclear deal was bad

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

March 20, 2022. America reversing course and backtracking to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal, will be a grave mistake and put the world in danger. The Biden administration ignores the original problems in the agreement that would make Iran stronger, much sooner. Congress must address this deal's current flaws concerning ballistic missiles, inspection rules, sunset provisions, and the possible military significance.

Ballistic missiles are the most effective way to deliver a nuclear weapon. Tehran is dead set on continuing its ambitious program, without pause, from the Iran nuclear deal. We must not return to this because Tehran has the largest ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East. Its civilian space program could help create intercontinental-range military missiles to reach America.

We cannot expect Tehran to comply with international inspections when they have proven themselves to be deceitful. History has noted Iran's record of denial when it comes to nuclear matters. They can not be trusted when they do not provide for "anytime, anywhere" inspections. The International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors can't visit undeclared facilities without Iran's permission. To make it worse, Tehran also has its military bases off-limits to inspections, strengthening Iran's ability to cover up any nuclear work that violates the deal.

The Iran nuclear deal is a blinking yellow light. It does nothing to stop Iran from moving forward with its evil plans of making a weapon. The critical restrictions on uranium enrichment have a sunset provision, set to expire after 2025, letting Tehran develop enrichment to an industrial scale after 2030. We should not be helping with Iran's production of more bomb-making material, which can lead to a nuclear outbreak.

Iran is already ignoring portions of the nuclear deal. Including oversight from the International Atomic Energy Agency requiring them to reveal all the information about the military aspects of its previous nuclear weapons work. We cannot expect Iran to be transparent when most recently, Israel busted them for having plans to build five nuclear weapons to be delivered by ballistic missiles. They are playing us.

The Biden administration and Congress must not be fooled into thinking that Iran's dream of having nuclear weapons have changed because of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Since Biden is narrow-mindedly going back into this deal, a close look shows that it is already a terrible agreement. The activities and rhetoric of this nation are anti-America, and the threat is real.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II is an author, historian, and the founder of the Martin Luther King Republicans. He is also an Academy fellow at the Heritage Foundation, active with the American First Policy Institute, and Illinois GOP candidate for U.S. Senate.


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