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  • Jimmy Lee Tillman II

Tillman's statement on America Energy Independence

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

March 15, 2022. I got two words to help solve America's current energy crisis- 'Drill, baby, drill.'

No one is escaping the harmful effects of President Biden's anti-American energy policies, and our enemies are laughing at us. Hard-working families feel the high prices at the pumps because we continue to lean on OPEC+ for oil while writing policies that increase our energy and economic dependence on these countries. The current situation with Russia and Ukraine has only made things worse. While the Biden administration looks to shady states like Venezuela and Iran for a solution, our oil and gas industries suffer. It is undeniable the United States has enough energy to meet demand at home and support our allies abroad; we do not need to engage rogue actors to meet our needs.

America has massive and available oil and gas reserves. We can produce these energy resources better than all others globally, and we shouldn't be ashamed to do so. Increased U.S. production means lower prices for consumers at home, greater energy security for our allies, and more strength abroad as we address escalating threats from China and Russia.

Some actions to free up American energy and counter Russian aggression:

  • Quash Biden's federal freeze on new oil and gas permits and leases. Approve LNG export permits and pending pipelines. Eliminate the regulatory assault and reduce regulatory uncertainty for U.S. energy financing, development, and production.

  • Suspend new discretionary regulatory policy action and activity at home and abroad that harm traditional American energy production. Remove taxing red tape and enforce meaningful permitting reform, including NEPA reforms, for the future of U.S. energy infrastructure.

  • Waive the Jones Act and authorize pipelines from Canada to reduce market pressures and promote greater market liquidity

  • End climate activism by federal agencies and ensure that financial regulators stay within their statutory mission.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II is an author, historian, and the founder of the Martin Luther King Republicans. He is also an Academy Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, active with the American First Policy Institute, and Illinois GOP candidate for U.S. Senate.

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