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[VIDEO]Tillman scolds Chlebek on why it's NO to the Equality Act at IFI Candidate's Forum:10 Reasons

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

March 29,2022

Chicago, IL A majority of candidates in the Illinois GOP race for the U.S. Senate nomination oppose the so-called "Equality Act" policies. On March 26, 2022,at the Illinois Family Institute Candidate's Forum in Arlington Heights, Illinois

the lone Casey Chelbek said he ENDORSED HR 5 because he seemed confused and uninformed.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II responded, "it creates inequality for so many. Those who support it may not have thought about its historical context; the repercussions on women, girls, religious individuals and institutions; and those suffering from gender dysphoria."

Following are ten reasons why Jimmy Lee Tillman II opposes H.R. 5 - The Equality Act

  1. The "Equality Act" will alter the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964, intended to be corrective actions against the legislated unfair treatment of Blacks with Jim Crow laws. Dr. King called the CRA the "second emancipation" for Blacks.

  2. Legislation cannot create equality for one group by taking rights away from another. This bill targets people of religious faith; it would take children away from parents who refuse radical hormone therapies; and erodes protections for women and girls.

  3. The Equality Act would place women and girls in dangerous situations by recognizing an individual's "chosen gender" instead of their "biological sex ."This legislation would force more girls and women to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sleeping facilities with biological males who choose to identify as female.

  4. The Equality Act would allow biological males who identify as female to compete in and likely dominate women's sports. This Act will hurt women who depend on college sports and scholarships to obtain educational and career goals.

  5. Parents' would lose the right to determine the best medical care for a child suffering from gender dysphoria and be stripped of custody of their children. The courts have ruled with transgender clinics against parents who refused radical hormone therapies for their children.

  6. This legislation makes it difficult for organizations and charities with faith-based values to exist and operate. This Act will negatively impact children, minorities, the unemployed, and the homeless.

  7. Many faith-based adoption agencies that serve over 100,000 vulnerable children would be forced to either close down or violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.

  8. Businesses and employers would face more lawsuits and regulations. Companies that have 15 or more employees would be forced to provide medical insurance for "gender transitions," use preferred pronouns or face litigation, and open single-sex spaces to both sexes, including bathrooms and locker rooms.

  9. H.R. 5 would silence thought and debate on important issues facing our nation, such as gender, marriage, and faith. This Act is an attack on free speech.

  10. Provides legal support for a radical school curriculum, teaching sexual preferences and transgender theory to elementary and pre-K children. In states where this curriculum is being introduced, it is integrated into all subjects, and parents cannot opt their children out.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II is an author, historian, and the founder of the Martin Luther King Republicans. He is also an Academy fellow at the Heritage Foundation, active with the American First Policy Institute, and Illinois GOP candidate for U.S. Senate.

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