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[VIDEO] Tillman outshines opponents at Illinois Family Action Candidate Forum

Chicago, IL The Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights was buzzing with excitement on March 26, 2022. Illinois GOP candidates for US Senate participated in the first forum for the 2022 primary to be held on June 28. This event was hosted by the Illinois Family Action, a sister organization of the Illinois Family Institute.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II, the founder, and president of the Martin Luther King Republicans and Academy fellow at the Heritage Foundation, fielded questions from the panel of ministers on various topics, including voting integrity, abortion, immigration, and strategies to win. Tillman provided robust, thoughtful, and conservative answers that were well-received by the audience.

Tillman believed that the America First policies were good for all Americans, especially Blacks, and that he could best deliver that message in Illinois. His knowledge of conservative issues placed him,

“head and shoulders" over his opponents, and his fiery enthusiasm won over the crowd. The other candidates struggled to read prepared notes or recently learned the names of pending legislation, and a repeat candidate ruined the question on the Equality Act.

Tillman says, "The Illinois GOP is tired of losing. They want to win! They are tired of sending candidates to Cook County without a chance. I am a strong conservative that studies the issues, and I am the only one in this race that can seriously challenge Tammy Duckworth with a history of getting Blue votes in Cook. I am the warrior this party has been waiting for."

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